We Could Hardly Hear Her

Recently, we received a voice-mail message that had been left overnight. The sound on the recording was so faint that we had to run the audio file through our video editing system just to boost the volume so we could make out the message. What we ended up hearing was the sad sounding voice of a older lady giving us her address and phone number and asking us to call her back.

When we got a hold of Janice (not her real name) she told us that she had lost her husband back in 2013. She said she was living with her son and due to poor vision wasn’t able to drive any more. Janice told us that she had been watching Better Life and had been impressed that she needed to come to the Lord. That was the reason for her call. 

We spoke with her a while and then offered to have a pastor contact her. Her voice lit up as she told us that would be fine. She said she had been looking for her Bible but hadn’t been able to find it so we offered to find a large print edition for her. That made her happy. After having prayer she seemed to be in better spirits. 

Our next step was to find out who her local pastor was. A quick search on the Internet yielded a name, phone number and email address. In just a matter of minutes the pastor responded to us and said he would be happy to contact her and to get her a Bible too!

Isn’t it wonderful to have such a far reaching tool like Better Life TV that’s able to join forces with local congregations to reach souls for Chirst? Thank you for supporting the ministry of Better Life and making connections like this possible. If you’re not a current supporter but you’d like to be please visit our website at donate.blbn.org or call us at (541) 474-3089.

She Wanted the Book

Recently we got a call from a lady in Ashland who told us that, although she isn’t an Adventist, she likes to watch Better Life; she saw an episode of Better Life Today where we told a story of a witch whose hand was burned when she touched the book, “The Great Controversy.” This lady called us because she wanted a copy of that book to see what it said for herself! She also asked for the book “Steps to Christ.”

Friends, Better Life broadcasts messages of hope day and night, sends out Christ-centered literature, and connects with people’s hearts because of your faithfulness and God’s providence. We are so thankful for your continued partnership - through prayer, financial support, and sharing with others how Better Life has blessed you.

September 2019 Stories

Better Life is a Lighthouse

Better Life is a Lighthouse

The other day Sayuri was visiting Grants Pass and as she was walking down the street toward our office, a white van unexpectedly pulled up along side her. This was a bit startling, but then the window rolled down and the lady driver inside called out, “Hey! I know you! We watch your program all the time! Right guys?” The passengers in the van agreed. Then the lady waved goodbye, rolled up the window and left as quickly as she had come. 

Stories like that make us smile. It’s so good to know that Better Life’s programs are beaming out to touch the hearts of our family, friends and neighbors. In these times of bad news and heated rhetoric, it’s so awesome to have God’s truth shining out like a lighthouse in our communities.

We also received a call from a man in Grants Pass recently who wanted to know what our mailing address was so that he could send in a donation. He told us that he had recently moved to Oregon from Utah, discovered Better Life TV and was enjoying the programming. Praise the Lord!

We have another viewer named Oliver who lives in Sparks, NV. He calls us from time to time with Bible questions, which of course we are happy to help him with. Oliver began watching Better Life after his wife passed away, as he was considering what happened to a person after this life is over. While watching he began learning about the Sabbath and now, he’s become a Sabbath keeper! He says he now honors God’s Sabbath because he learned about it on Better Life TV!

The last time he called he asked us how we knew that Sabbath was Saturday. He wondered if maybe over thousands of years the weekly cycle might have been messed up or changed. We reminded him that when Jesus was on earth He kept the Sabbath and He referred to Himself as “Lord of the Sabbath.” We shared that for the last two thousand years that cycle has continued unbroken being kept by millions of Jews. This made him happy. 

As we ended our conversation, he said that he had begun writing in a journal every time God answered his prayers so that if he ever gets discouraged, he can go back and see what God had done for him and be encouraged. He said he also learned to do that by watching Better Life TV!

Friends, without Better Life TV how would these people learn the truth? Thank you for helping to keep this lighthouse from God burning bright!

August 2019 Stories

Stories of Touched Lives

We always love to hear stories of how Better Life is reaching out and touching the lives of our viewers. Here are just a few recent examples.

A lady emailed us from the Sacramento area saying that she was really enjoying our Stories of Faith series that she discovered on YouTube. She had a novel way of enjoying them on her drive to work. She wrote, “Granted these are videos, but I set up bluetooth in my car and toss my phone in my purse and I begin my daily journey to work feeling like you both [Douglas & Sayuri] are in my car talking so clearly, sharing stories of miracles which bring me so much hope and inspiration. You are making a difference in people’s lives and doing a great service!”

One of our Grants Pass friends recently posted on her Facebook page that an elderly patient sat down and told her that she was having a bad day. She said she had been watching news and it upset her. She told our friend that she had started watching Better Life all day and she absolutely loved it! She is very happy with the preaching and the music and the lovely pictures are a blessing to her. Our friend ended her post with, “Thanks BLBN! You are still making a difference in people’s lives!”

A lady from Reno called us recently, asking for prayer that she be able to resist marijuana. She found us after she had to give up cable. She said we were only one of two sources of Christian TV she could get so she began watching Better Life. We are so happy she found us! Please pray that lady finds the victory and truth that she needs in these last days. 

These stories are just samples of what we hear on a regular basis. If our founders Delmer and Evelyn Wagner had not said “yes” to God, all of the stories we have heard over our twenty-nine years would never have happened. People hearing truth for the first time would never have happened. So many baptisms would never have happened. Thank you for continuing to support this vital and far reaching ministry. So much good happens when we say “yes” to God!

July 2019 Stories

She Needed Comfort & Truth

A few days ago, we got a call from a lady who we’ll call Rosa. Rosa lives in Reno and recently she had to cancel her cable TV to save money. As she was scanning her local over-the-air channels to see what was available for free she providentially stumbled upon Vida Mejor TV! 

Rosa told us that she has been watching for three months now and the station has been a big blessing to her. You see, Rosa has had a difficult life. Fourteen years ago she lost her husband. Four years ago she lost her son. And about a year ago one of her daughters was killed. Rosa said that as she began watching Vida Mejor TV it seemed like many of the programs were talking about the comfort that God brings to our life and the hope of seeing our loved ones again at the resurrection. This was very comforting to her.

She also began to learn that the church she had been attending was not teaching all the things they should be. As she watched a program on Revelation she came to see that we are living in the last days. 

The reason that Rosa called us was to find out the address of a local Adventist church in her area. She wanted a church that taught the same things she was learning from her TV. We were happy to find that there was a Spanish Adventist church only about five blocks away! Although she told us that Vida Mejor TV is her spiritual food, we were happy to hear that she wanted to join others in worship too!

At the end of our conversation we asked if we could pray with her. She agreed, but before we could start she called for her twelve year old granddaughter to come over and join us. During the prayer we could hear the young person respond with words like, “Yes, Jesus!” which was so sweet.

Rosa told us, “Every time I watch Vida Mejor the programs speak to me!” 

We are working with the local church to begin Bible studies with Rosa and she is excited.

Thank you for helping Better Life continue to broadcast to souls like Rosa who are searching for hope and comfort.

June 2019 Stories

God Knew She Would Return

Dawn had had a very hard life. Years of smoking and drugs had taken a toll on her health. She wasn’t even 60 yet but she was already dealing with things that typically affect those older.

Dawn had grown up in a Christian home, but for various reasons she left the church when young and went out to see what the world had to offer. But as is always the case, things didn’t work out well.

One time Dawn told her sister, “There’s no reason I should be alive today.” That’s because she had tried to commit suicide by taking an overdose of pills and alcohol. But thankfully she was unsuccessful. Dawn would later say that God didn’t let her die because He knew that she was going to give her heart back to Him. 

Dawn began tuning in to Better Life and God touched her heart. She enjoyed watching Ken Cox, Doug Batchelor and Better Life Today.  Dawn didn’t attend a physical church; she would say that Better Life was her church. 

Over time, she was impressed that she needed to be baptized, but unfortunately she didn’t get to see that happen. This past April she was told that she had terminal cancer and that she probably only had three months to live. She didn’t make it that long. We assured Dawn that God understood why she couldn’t be baptized and He could save her in spite of it like He did for the thief on the cross.

On May 11th, 2019, Dawn went to her rest. Before she passed, Better Life was able to arrange an anointing service for her with the Springfield SDA church. Dawn told her sister that if this had happened to her three years ago she would have been freaking out. But now, she was at peace. She said, “I’m safe in Jesus. I’m going to be buried by my mom and we’ll go meet Jesus together at the resurrection.” Friends, your support helped to bring the blessed hope to this dear lady. I want you to meet her someday soon.

May 2019 Stories

Lives Touched by Better Life

From time to time the Lord reveals to us stories of those whose lives have been touched via the ministry of Better Life. Here are some good ones!
Recently we lost a dear friend of the ministry named Monica. She had a serious health issue that ended up taking her life. Monica was special to us for a number of reasons. For one, she ministered as one of our camera volunteers over the years and if you watch for it, you’ll see her name listed in the credits from time to time. But perhaps most special was the fact that she came into our Adventist family through watching Better Life TV. The Lord spoke to her heart and she responded. So although we were sad to lose her from this life, we rejoice that she knew Jesus as her Savior, the One who could preserve her in His kingdom forever. Praise the Lord! 
We also heard another story of a precious lady who I’ll call Ann. A while back she also came into the church as a result of watching Better Life TV and happily made her local Adventist church her spiritual home. 
Ann’s first time visiting an Adventist church happened after she saw an announcement on the TV screen announcing that a Better Life rally would be happening in her city. Ann was shy, but she decided to take the bold step and attend. Although she sat timidly in the back, a church member made a special effort to warmly welcome her, helping her to feel at ease! 
Fast forward to this year when Ann’s church was holding an evangelistic seminar. Ann prayed that the Lord would now use her to reach out to some visitor who might be shy about attending the seminar, just as she had once been. And you know what? God did just that! During the seminar another lady began attending who also sat in the back and seemed a bit shy too, but Ann befriended her and during the series it wasn’t uncommon to see them sitting together like long-time friends! 
Do you see the common theme here? The Lord used Better Life to bring people into His family and then in turn those people put their skills to work in reaching out to others! Isn’t that beautiful? 
Friends, it’s because of your prayers and faithful support that stories like this are possible! Thank you so much for helping to keep the light shining bright throughout the world.

April 2019 Stories

Lives Touched by Better Life

We get many wonderful calls and emails from viewers and so we’ve created this place to share them each month. Let’s get right into the stories.

AFTER HOURS: Our editor was working late one night when the phone began to ring. Usually we don’t answer the phone after hours, but our editor was impressed to do so this time. 
On the other end of the line was a man named William who began sharing how he was having problems with his family, his health and money. It seems that William had a stroke a year after having heart surgery and money had been a big issue for him and burden for the family. But William had also stumbled upon Better Life TV and had been watching our programs. He decided to reach out by calling the prayer line and in this moment of discouragement God had our editor pick up the phone! William was thrilled that he was able to pray to someone right then, and we praise the Lord that He impressed our editor to pick up the phone too! It’s wonderful to be able to serve others in this way.

GRANTS PASS, OR: The other day we got a call from Kathy and she requested a free copy of the book, The Desire of Ages. We were happy to help her out and as we spoke with her on the phone she told us her story. She said that when she was a little girl going to church one Sunday with her grandma she passed a man on the street who said to her, “You’re going to church on the wrong day.” That struck her as an odd thing to say and she never forgot it.
Fast forward to 1991, when she moved to Oregon and discovered a channel called, “Better Life TV”. By watching it she was finally able to understand what the man told her so many years ago! 
But there’s more to the story. While she was watching Better Life, her late husband, who she said probably considered himself an agnostic, would listen too. In the end they both ended up getting baptized! Although he has since passed away, she has the hope of the resurrection to look forward to.
Thank you so much for helping Better Life continue to be a beacon of hope for lost souls!

March 2019 Stories

Lives Touched by Better Life

We get many wonderful calls and emails from viewers and so we’ve created this place to share them each month. Let’s get right into the stories.

CANADA: We recently got a call from a Canadian man who had somehow discovered Better Life on the internet. He had been enjoying our programming and he called to get a vegetarian cookbook and some herb charts sent to him. It was great to hear from someone from another country! 

DUBAI: Speaking of another country, we also got a DVD request from someone in the city of Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates! Now that Better Life is streaming on Roku, Apple TV and iOS plus putting programs on YouTube, we expect even more contacts like this as time goes on. Praise the Lord that the reach of our programming is increasing!

CORVALLIS: Diane called us from Corvallis saying that she needed to get a copy of our new program “Boots ‘n Bibles” to share with a friend. She told us that she wasn’t an Adventist, but she really enjoyed watching our programming. She indicated she had a fondness for Adventists as her husband had been treated down in Loma Linda years ago and she had also been able to hear Doug Batchelor give his testimony while there.

EUGENE: Cora called us from Eugene saying that she has been watching Better Life for a couple weeks and she wanted to find out more about Seventh-day Adventists.

MEDFORD: And finally we were talking to a lady from Medford the other day who shared that she had learned the truth about the Sabbath from Better Life 15 years ago! Praise the Lord for His work through Better Life!